We went to Kauai for our (apparently) annual long weekend there, from January 22nd-25th. This time, my parents came along with - as did Arjun, of course ;)

We stayed at the Marriott Waiohai Beach Club in Poipu this time around. It's a time share place, but they also use any non-time share-claimed rooms as regular hotel rooms. Definitely a place I'd stay again. Having a two bed/two bath suite with a kitchen was awesome with a little one and a set of parents on the trip. It made it a lot easier, and made it so we didn't have to eat out so much.

Since we were only there a few days, we didn't get to do a lot of the touristy stuff, but we had all been there before (this was Kelley's and mine 4th trip there in 5 years, in fact), so it's not like there's all that much we haven't already done. One day, we met up with Choudhary Uncle at the  Iraivan Temple - probably my favorite temple anywhere, and which my mom was really happy to get to see again - and went up to Hanalei. Otherwise, we just hung out in Poipu and enjoyed the beach and resort grounds. 

Arjun, of course, had a great time. He fussed a little on the flight there, and had a hard time of it on the way home on ascent and descent, but was otherwise as awesome of a little dude as usual. He didn't care for the beach - it was probably too bright for him - but loved playing in the pool. Getting to see his Nainama and Thatha was probably his favorite part of it, though.

If you can do a long weekend to any of the Hawaiian islands, I highly recommend doing so. Flights aren't too bad from the Bay Area, and there are direct flights to each of the four main islands, between the three main airports in the Bay.