Arjun Finn is a year old!

We had his birthday party on his actual birthday (probably the last time we'll be able to do that until 2020, at the earliest) at Sumitra Auntie's house in Pleasanton, like we had his baby shower. 

It was a really good time, though brutally hot (over 100 degrees).

It was especially great because both sets of grandparents were able to make it. It was the first time since Kelley's and my wedding that they had seen each other, so we were really happy that everyone was able to make it. And Arjun had an awesome time with all of the attention :)

By the way - I highly recommend Whole Foods for cakes, and Yalla Mediterranean for catering. While Whole Foods cakes aren't the cheapest, they're very tasty (get the chantilly cream frosting), and Yalla is an awesome catering deal - well under $15/person for a great spread.