I'm pleased to be relaunching today as my little plot of land on the web. This relaunch has been a long time coming. Following the long overdue death of MobileMe and the attendant website hosting, I spent a long time thinking about what I wanted this site to be. I spent a lot of time worrying about future-proofing it, trying to make sure it was flexible enough to accommodate what I wanted now in a site and what I might want eventually in a site, good looking enough, yet still carried a strong element of me in it.

I eventually realized that all that matters is that it represents myself to the world as I would like to be represented, that the site be worth visiting, and that it be an enjoyable place for me to post content.

So was designed around those principles. What is today likely will not be what will be in a year or two. It'll change as the needs of me and my family change. Permanence is overrated in websites because tastes change and needs change. Fortunately, I have a great hosting company in Square Space. Their new hosting platform promises to make any updates fairly simple and straightforward.

I focused this site around two main pillars: Foto! and The Chronicle. I've been using the Foto! moniker for my photo galleries for almost a decade now. It fits my attitude for what photography is to me: fun, art, and something to be excited about. It's my regular stream of images, and I hope it's worth revisiting regularly.

My wife says that I like to pontificate. She's dead right. I love to pontificate. The world is complex, rich, and nuanced, and I enjoy getting lost into ideas about it. I plan on posting something weekly. Wish my luck on that.

Hope you find this site worth the visit.

- Rohith