Mental Diet: No 'Rumors' Sites For A Month

I recently did a mental diet exercise of no Facebook for a month. i wasn't super strict about that one - I did check it once a day in case anyone messaged me and I did post about this site there - but I found the exercise very worthwhile because it made me break my habit of constantly checking the site and commenting on various inanity for no apparent reason. It was mental candy that I was feasting on, and it wasn't doing much for me. Not doing that so much is a good thing now. 

I've found that my regular visits to rumors sites like,, and even has similarly been just a feast on more mental candy. I'm not really deriving much benefit from knowing what score DxOMark gave a camera that I already bought, nor is there any value in knowing the exact dimensions of a phone I'm not in the market of buying, or that a car I'm never going to drive is testing in some location I'm never going to go. These rumors sites really aren't any more than TMZ for gear.Well, that's a bit harsh. They do serve a purpose. I found these sites in the first place because I was in the market for something: a camera, a computer, whatever. These sites helped me figure out my purchasing decision at a time, or helped inform a decision to postpone a purchase. 

But right now, I'm not really in the market for anything. So if they're not going to serve a purpose other than filling my head with nothing particularly useful, maybe it's time I gave them a break.

So I started another mental diet exercise yesterday: no 'rumors' sites for a month. No, no, no, etc., for a month, unless I'm actively searching for some bit of info and they pop up in my search results. Also, none of the TWiT Network programs I semi-regularly follow - Tech News Today, This Week In Tech, or MacBreak Weekly. These shows are really little more than rumors and news mastication, and I can get any actual news from any number of other sources. Sure I can watch shows like Know How... or Triangulation, but that's about it, really. Oh well: I rather like the folk on TWiT network - they seem like pretty good people, to a person - but if I'm not really getting anything useful out of it, it doesn't really make sense to keep viewing.

Hopefully I'm successful in pruning some empty mental calories out of my digital diet. Or I'll find out that these sites have more value than I think. We'll see.