Yosemite Trip - May 2016 with the Reddy's and the Klein's

We went to Yosemite in May with a two other families - Jen, Vishnu, and Grace Reddy; and Sarah, Brian, and Willa Klein. We stayed at the Peregrine Lodge in Yosemite West, a community of vacation homes about 15-20 minutes away from the Wawona Tunnel View, and about 35-40 minutes from the Valley proper. 

Staying in a rental home with a two other couples was a great idea of Vishnu's. All three kids were under 2 years old (Grace was almost 2, Willa about a year and a half, and Arjun about 10 months), so we were able to put the kids down for the night and still stay up and hang out, rather than be shut in our hotel rooms with sleeping babies. It absolutely made the trip a lot nicer, and having family dinners and breakfasts made it really nice.

Even though it was drizzling practically the entire time we were there, the trip was awesome. Great people and a great place. We definitely hope to do it again!